Wireless infrastructures solutions

Antenna Alignment Tools

(AAT) Antenna Alignment Tool – On-site Antenna Alignment systems, including integrated

DAS/Small Cell Antennas

Large selection of antennas for covering buildings, offices, campuses, stadiums, tunnels and urban canyons.

Passive RF components

RF Components and Sub-systems designed in order to improve and support the needs of radio coverage for Wireless Infrastructures DAS / BTS / Broadband.

Private Networks Antennas

Antennas in the 27MHz – 2000MHz band for Private Mobile Radio (PMR), Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA), Aeronautical (ATC), for high explosive environments (ATEX).

RBS Antennas

High performance base station antennas.

Site Accessories

A complete product line of RF, optical and mechanical accessories for Mobile and Private infrastructures.