Wireless Router – Gateway

Solutions for Connectivity are AMIT’s main ability.

Solutions for Connectivity are AMIT’s main ability. We offer experience in embedded systems with routing functionalities and Cyber Security protection. Our routers and gateways allow connectivity for a complete range of IoT and M2M applications. Our product portfolio is complete and made for implementing “intelligent” projects for commercial applications as well as in extreme industrial environments or in Transport/Mobility.

Our products are based on Wireless connectivity Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) – Cellular (3-4G / 5G) – Wireless IoT (LoRa) – Multi-WAN – Bonding – GNS.I. They are compatible with all the communication protocols, like Virtual COM – Modbus – IEC60870-5 – OBD-II – Profibus – Profinet – D/A-I/O – OPC-UA – MQTT – Data interchange – Data Logging. Security relays on VPN – Firewall & ACL – Portal & AAA – Certified – PCI-DSS solutions.

Products are subdivided into 7 main families, including:

Industry Wireless

  • IOG: Industry Cellular Gateway
  • IOG-W: PoE Industry Cellular Gateway
  • IOP: Industry AP-Router
  • IOP-W: PoE Industry AP-Router

Business Wireless

  • DG: M2M Cellular Gateway

Outdoor Wireless

  • ODG: Outdoor Cellular Gateway
  • ODP: Outdoor AP-Router

Wireless PoE

  • IOG-W: PoE Industry Cellular Gateway
  • IOP-W: PoE Industry AP-Route

LPWA Solutions

  • LPWA Data Logger
  • LPWA Remote I/O
  • LPWA Asset Tracker
  • LPWA Fleet Tracking

Transport & Mobility Wireless

  • VHG: In-Vehicle Cellular Gateway

Multi-site Connectivity

  • UCE: Multi-WAN VPN Concentrator